tagErotic PoetryGreat Morning

Great Morning


Most people prefer having breakfast in bed,
but I like to wake him up by giving head.
I like it more than anything else,
It wakes him up like loud ringing bells.

He’s usually erect when I wake up,
So I start my day by tasting his syrup.
His warm taste pleases me beyond measure,
Nothing sounds hotter than his moans of pleasure.

Sleeping in underwear makes his junk well within reach,
I suck him dry like a parasitic leech.
It’s so hot when he rewards me with his sweet juice.
The tip of his cock makes me wanna cut loose.

His moans make me go even harder.
He knows I won’t hesitate going any farther.
But I don’t just stop after playing with his junk,
I’ve barely started until I’ve rimmed the hunk.

I’ll flip him over, bury my face in his cheeks,
since that is where my arousal peaks.
Countless times, his juicy ass will get bit,
I won’t stop until its soaked with my spit.

His musk deserves a five star rating.
I’ll think about it when I’m masturbating.
I’m obsessed with his round ass’ scent.
I’m down there so long I should pay him rent.

His thick cheeks are just a distraction,
hidden deep lies the main attraction.
The sensation that makes me almost faint,
comes when I place my tongue on his soft pink taint.

I’m ravenous when I’m tasting his cunt.
It’s the only time you’ll ever hear me grunt.
I’ll wrap each hand around each hip,
and pull him closer to get a good grip.

Fun fact about my morning lovemaking,
I love the taste of his ass when it’s ripe for the taking.
I’ll tongue his hole and munch it hard,
but I’ve yet to play my final card.

Once his ass is as wet as my dick,
I’ll penetrate him after one last lick.
Humping his ass feels like heaven.
I’ll be ready to blow by the time it’s 7.

Ready to reward him for quenching my thirst,
I fill him with my love when I burst.
He then kisses me for what feels like an hour,
right before we hop in the shower.

This is the routine of two male lovers.
Without doing this we never leave the covers.
In spite of every day starting like this,
I still get horny every time we kiss.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/19/18

The poem gets better

and better as it proceeds. Nice piece of work,
both the poem and you!

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