tagNon-Erotic PoetryHeart Of Strength

Heart Of Strength


I watch as you walk down the street,
As you make your way to me,
We smile as our eyes meet for the first time
My heart soars breathlessly.

I feel your tender lips upon me, as you hold me.
You showed me that you adored me and only me.
Never have I felt such love
As the love you showed so freely.

As dusk approaches, you whisper softly
How you need and love me,
You want to keep me with you always
To wake up every morning to my sweet face.

That night, I give my body to you,
Entrusting you with my most prized gift.
I cry out in joy and heartfelt love,
As our love is complete and true.

I gaze upon your handsome face all night,
My eyes well up with tears of love and trust.
Not knowing what storm is to befall my heart.
As you leave my arms and to forever depart.

A month goes by, without any word from you,
My heart feels sickened with loneliness and fear,
Of what has befallen my beloved.
One night, I seen you, and my fears have come true.

You look away, not looking upon my face,
As you tell me you have married another.
Not even three weeks after you left my arms
You ran back into the arms of the one that abandoned you.

As I turn to leave, my heart plummets to stomach,
Not even realizing the tears streaming down my face
Then falling to my knees in a secluded area,
Hoping I would die, for surely my heart broke into pieces.

Waking up amongst the stars, my smooth face dried of tears,
The wind blowing up me,
Kneeling before the darkened skin, I weep helplessly
My hands trembling as I collapse into blackness.

I wake and make my way home, feeling numb.
I spy my children looking up at me
Whispering, "I Love you mommy"
Hugging them tightly, my heart swells with love.

The two perfect reasons for living stand before me,
Reminding me how precious life is.
I feel strength enough to mend and move on.
For tomorrow is a new day entirely.

One year passes by, and my heart begins to mend,
Finding peace within myself, enough to know.
That no fault was committed by me from the start.
God has given me a heart of strength.

* Heartbreak surely dents the heart, but the human spirit shall forever be strong and persevere through anything...keep strong.

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