bySolar Dragon©

There is so much in this world....that is not lost on any of us.
There is much want.....with little understanding.
There is striving for the stars with no love of life.
In history the greatest want was heaven.
In our present day there is no greater need.
Was it possible that the innocence and wonder of one child knew heaven best ?
Doesn t that innocence and wonder live in all children ?
Heaven inspires feelings of miracles and magic for an eternity.
Human beings were born with those feelings.
The wonder and curiosity is still with us.
There is still a need which makes itself known in entertainment and research into life.
What is missing is the idea of the ease in which it was so possible.
Create with a touch......give life with your want.
The child and the child in all believed it was that simple.
The heaven children are taught gives feelings of warmth ,love and safety.
The child in all yearns for it.
It was already the heaven known in a loving mothers womb.
It grows in a human beings heart because we knew a simple love there.
No matter how complex and confusing heaven became as we grew older and less wise the simple miracle remained.
Young spirits still know simple heaven the best.
Through long years of cold and incomplete logic and realism simple heaven still exist.
In heaven the lion lays with the lamb because both are filled with something better than food.
Both are filled with the strength of the others spirit in a place like heaven.
In heaven this is the nourishment of no equal.
For an unimaginable amount of years the hunter chased prey to fill a void.
There was fear of starving which turned to insane hunger.
There was fear of death and the unknown......the most terrible insanity.
There was fear.
In heaven there is no fear.
Heaven is a place in which all life is free of fear.....it is a place for the fearless.....how many times was that said throughout the long years.
Imagine a place with no fear.
So free you can find yourself a place to grow with no boundaries.
One can finally know what it is like to walk with God....to walk with the unimaginable.
Throughout time human beings took it to word spoken and written.
There was a summoning process going on to give it life in this world.
An idea we are born with tries to connect us with what is above us.
What started off with just a feeling inspires us to pull something out of the sky......or connect us when we are most vulnerable.
Our own mortality creates a beam of light or those perfect stairs to a perfect place.
We are forever bound to our own concept of perfection....we will forever want to live in it.
Now we share a life here with others who can dream ,write and shake hands.....reminding us of how close we are to heaven.
It is so necessary that the Soul be roused to create heaven on Earth.....to bring it from its hiding place in the world of fantasy ,illogic and the impossible.

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