tagErotic PoetryHeavenly Choir!

Heavenly Choir!

byUncle Pervey©

Your pussy inspires a "Heavenly Choir,"
To harmonize inside my heart.
The glorious shine of your pussy's juice,
Makes me hope that we'll never part!

When I lick and suck on your pretty clit,
It swells and turns red like a Rose.
Its heat and its taste almost drives me wild,
And its "flavor" inspires sweet "Prose!"

When I use my tongue to lick out your hole,
I slurp and I swallow each drop.
Your pussy's juice tastes sweeter than "Honey,"
When I start I can "hardly" stop!

My tongue feels a burning heat there inside,
As I feel your "Climax" coming.
Your cum gushes out like a "Waterfall,"
And it's got my poor cock "Thrumming!"

Then you raise your hips and beckon me in,
And I slide my cock deep inside.
Your wet heat and friction sets me on fire,
And you give me a "Fucking" ride!

The heat in your pussy "Ignites" my "Soul,"
And "tingles" my cock with your "Fire!"
I bury it deep as I start to spray,
And I "Fill" you with my "Desire!"

Now that I've eaten and fucked your pussy,
The "Next" thing I want is your "Ass."
You smile and turn over on your stomach,
Because you're such a "Loving" Lass!

Your naked ass is a succulent sight,
Its "Beauty" almost stops my heart!
Each creamy smooth cheek makes my lust grow hot,
And my hands ease your crack apart!

My eyes feast on your Rose-Bud hidden there,
It's closed up just like a sweet Rose.
I lower my lips and kiss it with "Love,"
And I urge my tongue to "impose!"

Your soft moans of pleasure inspires my tongue,
To keep plunging inside your hole.
I tongue-fuck and suck your asshole real hard,
Until I "see" I've reached my "Goal!"

Your pussy's wet and a steaming "Delight,"
I've tongue-fucked your ass til you came.
Now your asshole's puffy and pooching out,
And my cock's "Ready" and "Inflamed!"

I put the head of my cock to your hole,
And push until it slides inside.
It squeezes me tight as I go in deep,
And I "Feel" its "Pull" like the "Tide!"

I feel your hot asshole squeezing me tight,
And soon I feel my cock jumping.
I've got my cock pressed inside all the way,
And I "Feel" my hard cock "Pumping!"

I spray out hot cum til I fill your hole,
And I feel your asshole sucking.
Your tight sucking asshole has drained me dry,
But I'm going to "Keep" on "Fucking!"

I'll eat and fuck your pussy all night long,
And do the "same" with your "Asshole."
I'll eat and fuck us into "Exaustion,"
And possess both your "Heart" and "Soul!!"

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