tagErotic PoetryHeaven's Gate!

Heaven's Gate!

byUncle Pervey©

My Mama could see the lust in my eyes,
She could see I wanted her so!
I saw the wet spot between her thighs,
And knew she'd be ready to go!

I took Mama's hand and led her to,
My room and I sat on the bed.
As I took her clothes off my lust grew,
My Mama was going to get bred!

She was petite with a figure eight,
With small breasts and nipples hot pink.
Her pussy offered me "Heaven's Gate,"
And my lust was right at the brink!

I held her close and sucked on her breasts,
While my hands caressed her sweet ass.
Her naked beauty made me feel blessed,
Her body was just so high classed!

I finished sucking then laid her down,
Right there with her sexy legs spread.
I laid between her legs where I found,
Her delicious mound where I fed.

I licked her pussy all out inside,
And licked and sucked on her sweet clit.
"Oh Johnny eat me" my Mama cried,
"I'll cum in just a little bit!"

When Mama started groaning I knew,
Her climax was just about there.
I lapped her faster and her moans grew,
Her glorious cum we both shared!

By now my cock was hard and inflamed,
And I wanted to shove it in.
I slid on her, and let my cock claim,
The ultimate erotic sin!

Mama gasped "Baby!" As I went deep,
"Your cock is so hard and on fire!
It feels so good Son I want to weep,
You're making me burn with desire!"

"Oh yes sweet Mama you feel so hot,
And I'll fuck you til I explode.
I'm giving you everything I've got,
Oh Mama here comes my hot load!"

I've got my cock shoved all the way in,
It's jumping and squirting out cum.
It's drained out now and I can begin,
To make love to Mom's sexy bum!

I turn Mama onto her belly,
And squeeze and caress each warm cheek.
Her smooth ass makes me think of jelly,
I spread her cheeks to take a peek!

Inside her crack my eyes devour,
The Rose-Bud that's waiting for me.
It looks like a closed up Rose flower,
And I'll use my tongue like a bee!

Mama moves her hips and starts moaning,
She knows what I'm fixing to do.
As I lick and suck I start groaning,
And my cock starts twitching anew!

I lick and suck her crack to my goal,
And her sweet crack tastes so "Divine."
I work my way down to her asshole,
And with my mouth I make it mine!

I lick and tongue it with devotion,
Tongue-fucking it deep as I can.
This arouses Mama's emotions,
And she gasps "Johnny you're my man!"

I've got her asshole red and puffy,
It's swollen and pooches way out.
It looks so inflamed yet so fluffy,
And it's like a pretty girl's pout!

As I slide up on Mom's warm wet back,
Her silky cheeks caress my cock.
As my cock finds the hole in her crack,
I shove in til it's squeezed and locked!

"Oh Johnny!" My Mama is gasping,
"It feels like it's splitting apart!"
"Oh Mama, your asshole is grasping,
It's squeezing and making me start!"

My cock starts to twitch and starts jerking,
And I feel my cock start to spray.
I hold it in deep while it's working,
I'd love to fuck Mom's ass all day!

"Oh Johnny," Mama laid there and moaned,
"I feel like you filled me with fire!"
I kissed Mama's neck and then whispered,
"No Mama, just with my desire!"

The swet on my chest and Mom's warm back,
United us with warm wet heat.
My cock stayed buried in Mama's crack,
Mama's love made me feel complete!!

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