tagErotic PoetryHeld Captive By The Joker

Held Captive By The Joker


Last night I was held
captive by the Joker,
in his bed.
No, I wasn't afraid that
I would wind up dead.
When he told me that I
wasn't going anywhere I
didn't tense,

when he spoke to me
in that deep,
raspy, terrifying
voice I didn't flinch.
I know that it was quite
illogical for me to have
felt the way that I felt, but
in his dark embrace I felt
perfectly safe.
I knew that he wasn't going
to hurt me in the same way
that he knew that I wasn't
going to flee.
It was just me and him,
me and him indulging in
the most sensuous of sins.
He kissed my lips,
with his attentive fingertips
he gently caressed my hips.
I never knew that being with
the Joker could feel like this.
He was psychotic,
but still deeply erotic,
if anybody could have
seen this they would
have found it entirely ironic.
In the morning he told me I
was free.
I didn't want to leave,
but he told me that of his
innocence it was the
only way to convince
others to believe.
And so I left, but I
wasn't relieved.
I wanted to be the
Joker's prisoner forever
and never did I ever
want to be released.

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