tagErotic PoetryHer Dissertation!

Her Dissertation!

byUncle Pervey©

She wrote a unique dissertation,
About the "oldest profession."
The reason her paper was so good,
It read like it was a confession!

She began it with her early life,
When she was still living at home.
Her Daddy introduced her to sex,
And he just wouldn't leave her alone!

He taught her how to give real good head,
And suck and swallow all the cum.
He taught her how to keep a secret,
And the best way to act like she's dumb!

After she learned how to do it right,
He showed her HOW GOOD oral feels.
He taught her all about Sixty-Nine,
And why the oral sex appeals!

He had her lie down with her legs spread,
And licked and sucked her pussy good.
He licked and sucked her clit til she came,
Just exactly as he said she would!

He had her roll onto her belly,
And caressed her tender young ass.
Then he licked and sucked each naked cheek,
And moaned her skin was smooth as glass!

He told her that her crack was perfect,
And was such a delicious treat,
She'd have to have a little patience,
Because he had to stop and eat!

When she felt his tongue begin to lick,
She felt her bottom getting hot!
She felt his tongue and breath in her crack,
And she felt his tongue right on the spot!

"Oh oh oh," was all she could get out,
When she felt his tongue push inside.
She felt a tingling building up,
Her brain was on an orgasmic slide!

She felt herself being lifted up,
Til she was resting on her knees.
Then she felt his cock at her pussy,
And then felt it slide in her with ease!

She felt her Daddy shoving in deep,
And felt his arms around her waist.
He was fucking her with long slow strokes,
And didn't seem to be in no haste!

Her pussy felt like it was on fire,
She felt him sliding in and out.
She felt its hard meat burning bright,
And guessed this was what it was about!

She moaned when she felt his burning cum,
Spurting out his gobs of hot seed.
She felt his big cock filling her hole,
And she understood his and her need!

Her pussy was burning up inside,
From his burning cock and hot cum.
Then she felt him ease his cock back out,
And slide it to the hole in her bum!

She felt his cock push against her hole,
And gave a gasp when it slid in.
She thought she was being ripped apart,
And much too soon she felt him begin!

She moaned as she felt his cock go deep,
And gasped again as he pulled back.
She felt it start sliding easier,
And felt the hot skin inside her crack!

He was moving in and out easy,
And fucking her tight asshole slow.
He wanted her to learn to like it,
So he moved real easy to and fro!

His swollen cock inside felt like fire,
She felt it's hot heat deep inside.
Then she felt his hot cum squirting out,
And she felt like her bowels had been fried!

When she graduated she left home,
And when she left she was a pro!
She'd practiced every sex act performed,
And knew how far to let a man go!

She was a call girl for a few years,
And put money aside for school.
She had her goal set for the good life,
And this pretty girl wasn't a fool!

She got her PHD in Science,
Her major was Psychiatry.
She never prostituted no more,
But still let her Daddy have it free!!

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