Her Tree

byAdrian Leverkuhn©

her tree

time - a word - sense of wonder
she stands in gathering eve...
of lost soul’s ease...
her tree stands in cloudless sky -
infinity gathers memory in sudden smile.

a sound - distant thunder -
the meek gather to believe...
in soul’s disease...
as time grows faint children cry -
memory grasps infinity in it’s trial.

woman, a muse - lost in slumber -
time would wound rather than deceive...
though souls please...
time drifts inward oh! gentle sigh -
siren’s song gives no denial.

her tree stands - time rent assunder -
under distant stars ready to receive...
her soul’s release...
distant moons on heavens spiral by -
time - a word - waits for her smile.

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byAdrian Leverkuhn© 1 comments/ 3904 views/ 1 favorites

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