tagIllustrated PoetryHidden Beauty

Hidden Beauty


She walked through life for many years
Wearing a cloak
Of pain and abuse
Sorrow and neglect

As each year passed
The cloak grew heavier and thicker
As layers
Of anguish and hateful words
Lies and tears
Were added

Beneath the burden
Her gentle soul slumbered
Dreaming of peace and tenderness

They walked by one by one
Rarely looking past the cloak
Never finding the gentle soul
Waiting to be touched

One day
When young ones are grown
And age begins to leave its mark
After many winters of stress and depression
Have added their layer of ice
To the dark, careworn cloak
The gentle soul smothering beneath the burden
Cries out
Is heard
Found by a kindred spirit

Carefully, gently
He chips away the ice
And her light shines
Brightening his darkness

As his warm tenderness
Melts her icy prison
Her soft, sweet light
Chases away his demons

The days slowly pass
Others find her shining light
Reach out

Each word, each thought
Brushes past the cloak, pushing it aside
Freeing more of the gentle light
Until the day a single hand
Dares to sweep back the ugly cloak
Let the beautiful soul breath deep
The air of freedom

So many walk by
Blind to the beauty
Seeing only the ugly, tattered cloak

Day after day
The gentle soul breathes
Stronger, bolder, more playful

As she romps past uncaring eyes
Searching, learning, growing
She stumbles across one who stops
Reaches out with bold hand
Strips away the cloak

Startled, skittish
She stops
Amazed by the strong hands
Firmly holding her trembling form

His words, his thoughts
Reach out
Wash away traces of despair
Sorrow and neglect
Healing the cuts and welts
Of anguish and pain

As she blooms in his gentle care
Others begin to pause
Captured by the beauty of her soul
They beckon, call to her
While she shakes her head
Standing firm
In the grasp of one who cares

Slowly, tenderly
He polishes her beauty freeing her soul

Teaching and guiding
He leads her from the past
To now
Shows her the windows of futures to come
Waits quietly while
She chooses
Then helps her find the path

Traveling this new road together
Lessons and growth continue

As she blossoms and opens up
He encourages her to look around
Search for the one who will make her complete

Weeks pass
Tenderly she is given into the care of another
Where more lessons are taught
She continues to grow and bloom

Then one day
A hand reaches out, she reaches back in return
Sighing softly, smiling gently
As strong arms enfold her

No longer does she feel the cloak
Doubt the beauty others found

Within his eyes
She can finally see the beauty for herself
It is no mere illusion

She is complete

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