tagErotic PoetryHide From the Night

Hide From the Night


Oh sweetest desires
A bright starlit night
A tender young romance
About to take flight

A look hot and burning
A sizzling touch
He whispers a secret
She blushes so much

Their fingers entwining
The feeling so right
They look for the shadows
And hide from the night

The cover of darkness
A primal desire
Their unyielding passions
Are taking them higher

Both naked and wanting
Their bodies unite
She lies down beneath him
And holds him so tight

Both sweating and panting
Young lovers in heat
They look for the pleasure
That makes them complete.

He drives him self harder
She cries out for more
Orgasmic explosions
Set right from the core

Collapsing together
The feeling so right
How they come together
And hide from the night.

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