tagErotic PoetryHigh School Reunion- story poem

High School Reunion- story poem


High School Reunion

High Schools today are frightening places
Shoot'em-ups right in your faces
But back in the Pleistocene
When dinosaurs chased the football team
I attended Walton High
Up Taylor Creek past Momma's Pies
The school don't stand there no more
It washed away in seventy-four
When the dam on Milligan's Way
Overflowed and burst that day
Flooding all the low lying land
Not a house or barn did stand
Washed it all away
So our High School Reunions today
Are at the Optimist's club over on Alistair
In what used to be Gerty's Titty Bar
Across the street from Danny's Giant Car
Lot, which is now slated to be a Wal-Mart
Jesus, things just keep changing
Do you remember Johnny McKnight?
The one we called the Raging' Cajun
Talk about change, he's now a girl
Came to the reunion with his hair in curls
He's got tits and a real vagina
Sadi Thompson went to pee
Said she'd never seen one finer
Yep all things change
Hard to keep up or remember it all
'Sept I remember "Satin Doll"
That's what I used to call Dotty Harris
When we was sweethearts a bit embarrassed
The Principle, Old Man Dan Nera
Caught us kiss'en in the cafeteria
We never got to go all the way
Something rare in our day
Guess who attended? Ole Lenny Cone
He went to Med School, became a Saw Bone
His dad was the one who kilt'em self the day
The bank went broke, Yep no way!
A lot of folks lost money that year
Uncle lost his home, started drink'en beer
Became a drunk till he sobered up
Son of a bitch never had no luck
Ended up dead in a pick up truck
Two cases of beer in the boot
As I was say'en, Lenny made a big contribute
A scholarship fund for the kids it suits
Who got the smarts but not the money
Which reminds me of Claudia, that "honey"
You recall that gal with the red hair?
She worked for Mona over at the Holiday Fair
Where they did nail and hair
Do'en that stuff that today is tuff
Since the Koreans have taken over that line
Pedicures and fake nail they do real fine
Mona's now do'in mostly hair
Things are chang'in everywhere
Anyway, Claudia was built like a brick
Shit house they use to say
Nice figure, big tits in a grand way
Dated a bunch of us in the fall
After we had graduated, she was hot
Got pregnant with Willie Knot
The guy who drove a Maroon DropTop
Worked over at Slim's as a mechanic
Was great for tune ups, really manic
Claimed his would last 20,000 mile
I kinda doubted that cause he smiled
They called us all down to Sheriff Reiss
To figure out who knocked her up, in brief
We all lied and said we'd fucked the girl
Said we'd dated and she gave us a whirl
Not proud of that but you know back then
That was how we gave a lie its spin
When it was Willie who done the trick
He was always a smart ass, waving his prick
Out the window of the car on the way
To the meet'en that day
The Sheriff cut us loose at four
Claudia was labeled a whore
Left town soon after, moved to Chicago
Where she got to know
Them brothers who made porno
Got an old cassette of her getting it on
With two guys and a naked blond
One guy had a parrot on his shoulder
Perched there as he tried to hold her
Guess it was a pirate flick
About a buccaneer with a big prick
Probably the tapes are in the garage hid
If my kid ain't stole it, else I got rid
Last year Willie Knott saw her walk'en bye
On a Chicago street and said, "Hi"
She offered to blow him for twenty-five
Looked like a crack whore from a dive
He said, "No Claudia." She said, "You know me?"
"Sure from way back when"
She was a little spacey then
But remembered he was the guy
She started yell'en, hit'em in the eye
Two guys came out of the bar
Then hadn't walked very far
Saw Claudia wack'en, dropped her meth
Beat old Willie half to death
You know how pimps defend a whore
They left Will bleed'en on the floor
Three weeks in a hospital bed
Didn't make no police report instead
Kind'a divine karma we suspect
That Willie and Claudia finally met
Him be'in a Deacon at the Baptist church
He didn't want to lose his Cat Bird's Perch
Yeah, life goes on here on the plains
Some things stay but most things change
And God gets to us all in the end
For mistreat'en others but it depends
I'd guess, but I don't know
Just hope time goes slow
Wan'na make it to another reunion day
There's one set for five years away.
Twelve of us showed up for the last one
But swap'en tales bout puss was fun
Sometime I can't recall what I ate last
But no trouble remember'in the long years past

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