after washing our sheets
our blankets
our pillow cases
our towels
they became my linens,
my essentials,
my whatever.

and i realized that although
everything that we had loved
about the other,
even though it was long gone would be missed
because i could still remember,
your touch,
your kiss,
your desire.

the desire that i use to see
when i looked into your flooded eyes
before you entered my body
with your tongue,
your fingers,
your dick.

the desire that i use to see
when i looked into your pleading eyes
even if it were for me
to only lay next to your body
as we fell asleep,
or watched t.v.,
or stood wherever it was that we were;
it only mattered to me then that you needed me
as much as i needed you.

and to look at you now i still see
the desire in your eyes for me
and i wonder what had happened to us
for us to both want to move away from eachother,
from what we had,
from what we could have again.

and i look into your eyes and see
them flooded with tears,
i reach and wipe away the first one
as the rest soon follow,
your face now wet with the saltiness of your pain;
your arms come around me,
pull me close so that i nuzzle against your body with my own.

that’s when we realize
that we are far from finished with this love
that we are now eager to find and reclaim.
we both see the relief in the others eyes,
relief that we both saw the same in the other,
the same thing that drove our passions
so long ago.

passion returning to our empty souls,
we kiss,
smiling into eachothers mouths,
no words need to be said;
breathing into one anothers smile,
our air sinking into our veins,
our air allowing our hearts to beat,
allowing us to live.

your smile turns to a grin as you lift me,
and i wrap my legs around your waste.
you carry me to my ...
you carry me to our ... bed;
tenderly shifting your weight between my thighs
and slide home to me.

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