tagErotic PoetryHot and Humid Evening

Hot and Humid Evening


On a hot and humid evening, night class students head for home
One student in particular seeks to spend some time alone.
His econ class was boring, especially during hour three
Now he turns attention else ware and his thoughts can now run free.
He has one thing on his mind, and it will not go away
It is to see the neighbor lady put her body on display.
His window overlooks the pool where she swims in a bikini
Hopefully he can sneak a peek and stroke his anxious weenie.
He runs in the door, strips off his clothes, and takes his normal place
Then he peeks out of the window, surprised look upon his face.
He sees her in the evening sun, sitting naked in a chair
His eyes can clearly see her pussy covered in pubic hair.
This is one lucky night that he can't let slip away
Hand moves to find his penis because he wants to play.
Tingly feelings start increasing, then he breaks into cold sweat
Realizing that the light's still on, projecting his body's silhouette.
"Maybe she hasn't seen me," he tries to rationalize
Looking out the window again he finds her staring eyes.
Heart sinks to his stomach, "holy shit" he wants to say
But he stops mid statement, seeing a finger wiggle him her way.
Could this mature lady want him over to her house?
Mustering his courage, there is only one way to find out.
Heading out the front door, walking barefoot on the lawn
Wrapped up in a bathrobe, trying to hide his still hard dong.
Climbing up the steps, finger goes to ring the bell
Door suddenly swings open, sending a rush of her sweet smell.
The woman stands there naked, sweat running down her skin
Their eyes meet each other, and she lets slip a little grin.
Breaking the awkward silence, her lips position to speak
"I know you like to watch me, before you go to sleep."
The student stands there nervous, still hard as a rock
Her hand slides up into his robe and gently grasps his cock.
He looks at her in disbelief, as if he's in a dream
She tells him reassuringly, "I want your teenage cream."
They step into the house and she hurriedly locks the door
She leads him to her bedroom, on the second floor.
The student lies down on the bed wondering what comes next
Woman slides off her wedding ring, setting it on a nearby desk.
She opens up his robe, penis meets the cool night air
Her mouth opens letting some drool drip on his pubic hair.
She guides the shaft into her mouth and closes round it with her lips
She starts to suck him strongly, and he begins to buck his hips
As he starts to climax, her mouth slides to the hilt
Now positioned in a deep throat, without a hint of guilt
His penis starts to throb, shooting its first strand of cum
She swallows every drop, then looks up to tell him "yum."
Now she gets up from her hands and knees to straddle teenage meat
Spreading her hairy pussy so it lets out her body heat.
Only one inch from his manhood, her vagina starts to drip
Seeing drops land on his penis puts him in a lusty fit.
Pelvis plunges down sending his cock to nudge against her womb
She calls out with a pleasing moan that echoes through the room.
She humps up and down causing him to slide against vaginal walls
Pussy juice flows freely and starts to trickle off his balls.
The woman tells him shakily that she's about to cream
Pounding against him one more time and letting out a scream.
She contracts around him almost hard enough to hurt
As her pussy squeezes it sends out a juicy squirt.
Student's passion now spills over as they finish up their ride
Wraps his fingers round her meaty ass and cuming deep inside.
The woman grinds against him so their juices mix around
Now sliding out from her, cream starts leaking to the ground.
Her hand catches the liquid still dripping from her clam
As she goes to lick it, they hear a car door slam.
"My hubby's home," she says, "you have to leave this place"
Jumping from a nearby window, he lands straight on his face.
Looking back to see her, knowing what they did was wrong
She whispers, "Let's do that again," throwing him one of her thongs.


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