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How I Give Head


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Position is the key to good given head
Really no blowing, I suck instead.
The tip of my tongue circles the top.
I'm up, I'm down do you want me to stop?
I like to lick on and around the balls.
Then I go down, are you climbing the walls?
My tongue it embraces and guides my mouth down.
Know that you're getting the best head in town!
I playfully suck at the top of your cock.
Now it's half swallowed your world will soon rock!
Your dick is real hard and your head in my throat.
I don't really breathe here, my mental note...
And when my throat has swallowed your dick,
you're going to unload,its hot and so thick!
I will not swallow, but I'll show you just where..
Squirt it on my pussy so I can play with it there!
I'm on it I'm not, I lick then I suck.
Next read my poem "How do I Fuck"!

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