tagNon-Erotic PoetryHow I Will Miss You

How I Will Miss You


As I begin to move and wake,

From the warmth of my endless night,

I wipe my eyes and give a shake,

As I am burned by morning light.

Shielding my eyes I breathe in deep,

My lungs are filled with breathless air,

I inhale our love as you sleep,

Running my fingers through your hair.

You lie there so silent at peace,

A single tear trickles down my cheek,

For this passion I wish to never cease,

Yours is love I will always seek.

As I lean in tight to hold you,

My head swims in darkness, a dream,

In my sleep our passion was true,

I wake alone, silence my scream.

From my bliss does my conscience fall,

As I cover my heart with my hand,

And curl up in a fetal ball,

I need you more than I can stand.

I imagine you here with me,

And shudder a sigh of relief,

I don't dare open my eyes to see,

My vision of you eases my grief.

But soon I will again awake....and damn you....how I will miss you

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