Daunting it is
The memory
Burned into memory
Your arrogant news

It wasn’t the grass at the lake
Or geese that walked on it
That betrayed me

It wasn’t the lunch
We ate that turned sour

 A picture of sunlight
Of easy times
All those things
    in there own way
Painted the background
Of deception
And my haunting memory
Sees nothing of this

Only that you were there
And not present.
That you ate with distant eyes
Laid on cool grass
And gazed with fixed emotion.

Dipped into the water
The lake enveloped you
But you were not saved.
The baptism was stained
By your own lie
 Your own story
 Your own shallow ways.

And I left emptied
My spirit crushed.

Humiliation is a bitter pill.
  Like each morning’s sun.
A never ending seeping wound
      That haunts me

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