tagErotic PoetryHungry Eyes

Hungry Eyes


I feel his eyes upon me from across the room,
Intense, hungry and predatory.
My breath quickens,
As I feel it, rather then see it
Touching my body possessively.
I dare not look at you yet,
But I know you are there, staring at me now.
You are seducing me completely,
Having me at your mercy.
As I attempt to control my breathing.
It becomes harder, as moisture forms upon my brow
My black satin blouse tightens against my full breasts,
As they tighten in pure arousal and awareness,
Of the strong male devouring me with his eyes.
Feeling helpless to your mental seduction,
Becoming breathless with the tension.
My shaky hands grip my water glass,
Wanting to drink; to cool off my insides,
Only succeeding in spilling cool water down my neck and breasts,
Coating my silken skin with liquid, causing it to glisten.
My head leans back, my lips parting in a soft moan,
As I feel your big strong body behind me,
Your hands cupping my full breasts firmly.
My little nipples tighten in your warm palms
As your thumbs coaxes them to hardness.
I moan softly, as I feel one of your big hands,
Slide slowly down my body to possessively t cup my mound,
Causing my mind to swirl dizzily without a sound.
I arch my softly curvaceous body back against you,
As your long, middle finger slides deep inside me,
Slowly, deeply, seductively...
My inner muscles tighten upon your finger, and I cry out,
Ecstacy forming a cocoon around me,
As my sweet nectar coats your finger completely.
I feel you lean down to place a kiss upon my head,
My body too languid to move, as I sit there.
Catching my breath, as I tremble from the release.
I open my vibrant eyes, and blink softly,
As I turn to look at you from across the room,
The chair where you sat, is now empty.
My mind cries out with despair, and I feel completely hollow inside.
The only memory of you that remains, are your hungry eyes.

Written: October '03

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