Hurt Me


Hurt Me

Wait for me.

Be stronger than me.

Be more patient than me.

Look me up and down and lick your lips while you smile that wicked smile.

Move slowly when you approach me, cut off my exit and be pleased when you see my eyes get wide and my pulse start racing in my throat.

Love the fact that I am terrified of you, that my eyes are bright with tears and I'm frozen in place.

Think back to all the times I've talked about how tough I am and grin because you know that the only person who could possible save me from you

When I break to run, step in front of me effortlessly and grab my hair, turning me to face you.

Pull my head back and put your mouth right next to my ear so I can feel you breathing and ask me if I was trying to run away from you.

When I whimper 'no' tighten your grip so that I wince and ask me very softly if I'm lying.

Press your body hard against mine so that I can feel how much you're enjoying this.

If I tell the truth by saying 'yes' and start crying, tell me what a good girl I am and kiss me gently with your hand still tangled in my hair.

Hold me close when I try to squirm away and bite my neck to hold me still when you start to tear my clothes.

When I blush and try to cover myself with my hands, jerk them away roughly and make me look up at you.

Hold both my hands behind my back with just one of yours while I shiver and cry, completely naked in front of you.

Pull back a little so you can look at all of me and make me more self-conscience and scared.

IF I try to hide or look away, reach up with your other hand and caress my face so gently that I relax into your hand and close my eyes, trusting you completely.

Raise your hand just a little and back hand me hard enough to make me drop to my knees and tell me not to do that again.

Make me say 'I'm sorry" over and over again while you grip my neck and force me to open my mouth. Choke me while you fuck my mouth and make me beg you to let me breathe.

Kick me and shove my mouth further down if I try to pull away and tell you me you can't hear me when I beg.

When you pull back to let me breathe, slap me again and let me fall curled up on the floor.

Kick my thighs apart hard enough to make me scream before you pick me up and bend me over the bed.

Hold the back of my neck with one hand while you shove two fingers of the other roughly inside of me and jerk me into position for you.

Bite my neck and shoulder to hold me in place while you fuck me, hit me, make me scream your name over and over, enjoy my begging and tears.

When you're finished with me, laugh and kiss me and curl me up next to you while I cry and shiver.

Tell me how much you love me and kiss my face all over while you slide your hand between my legs to open me up again for you.

Smile and kiss me when I gasp in pain while you slide your fingers inside of me, enjoying how wet and sore and warm I am.

Keep your hand completely still and make me rock my hips back and forth against you while you watch me make myself come.

Keep me your hand between my legs while you let me finish and kiss me and stroke my hair while I fall asleep against your chest.

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