I Am Alive!


She stood as one by one, they slashed at her
                                               Each lash cutting into her spirit,
                                               Yet she did not move; her eyes remaining open
                                               Her soul bloodied and bruised, yet she stood there.

                                               If a slash to the spirit could be shown upon her body,
                                               Blood and gashes would be covered upon her,
                                               She can feel them, rather then see them by sight.
                                               Knowing that, for her, there will be no respite,

                                              One by one, her tormentors eventually depart,
                                               Leaving her standing bruised but not broken
                                               Each slash made upon her body representing
                                         Wounds inflicted upon her spirit by fake friends, even kin.

                                                  To have a soft heart, is to be able to feel,
                                            Which would be preferrable to a heart incased in ice.
                                                    To open y our heart is to risk being hurt
                                        I would rather have one moment of love, then none at all.

                                              Therefore, I stand before the crowd of attackers,
                                               Proud, strong and human and will forever strive.
                                             My body cut, my spirit bruised, and forsaken by others,
                                    Tears of blood roll down my cheeks, but I am undefeated and alive!

      Note: People come and go, so do lovers and friends, but I will always have me and the gift of strength that the good Lord has given me, to help me be strong and grow as a better person

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