tagErotic PoetryI am his.

I am his.


Will you promise too love, honor, cherish, and obey in all things... For rich or for poor, in sickness and in health til death do you part? ...I will. Nodding and smiling because I know I am now his forever and always. A virgin bride blushing as we drive off into the night and I await that blissful night that always held a shroud of mystery to me. On the drive I smile nervously because it's finally going to happen, I will give myself to him once and for all no more of my coquettish school girl games no more teasing I am his and he is mine til death do us part. We are here I begin almost trembling hoping he won't notice. He does and places a hand over my shaky hand pulling it his lips and placing a soft reassuring kiss firmly on the back of my wrist as he helps me out of the vehicle. My always changing eyes are a bright green that shows my sheer delight beyond any and all doubt. My eyes filled with pure desire betray my blushing virgin body as we banter back and forth then in sudden boldness I kick off my shoes and look to him with a your turn look in a rather hurried and unceremonious gesture he kicks off his shoes... now what?

My heart skips a beat as I hear myself half whisper the age old 'let me slip into something more comfortable' cliche and hurry into the restroom dizzy with nervous excitement... I quickly undress staring blankly at my naked self in the giant mirror that seems to engulf my short curvy reflection making my skin appear even more pale in the bright light. A shiver runs up my spine and my body is covered in goosebumps as I slip the sheer black baby doll over my head it slides down over the swell of my beasts and cups my creamy white skin perfectly while the rest of the sheer black material clings to my curvy hourglass figure ending just below my round ass
my thoughts jumble as I finish preparing my body for my husband... that shakes me from my lusty haze my husband, I will give myself to him for the rest of my life from this day forward. I close my eyes and smile as I feel a somewhat familiar tingle between my thighs I take one last breath before I open the door and find him lying on the bed waiting for me. There is a mix of adoration and primal desire in his eyes as he takes in the sight of his wife... me. I am his, his forever. He stands up and quickly takes me in his arms and kisses me deep I return his kiss with a newfound hunger for him. My thoughts swirl dizzying in my head as he explores my mouth with his tongue... to love... I love him more than I ever knew I could love a person... to honor... I will honor him with my love, my actions, my body, my... then I am on my back as he trails kisses down my body his tongue suddenly finding his goal swirling around and pushing in and out and licking me up and down and suddenly he is on top of me pressing his hard shaft into my tight pink virgin flesh. I blink back tears as I feel a sharp pinch I hear a very faint snapping sound and feel my body give way under him and suddenly he is deep inside me, filling my body in a way I have never known... to cherish... I smile shyly up at him as he cherishes my body his hands gently holding me tighter against him.

To Obey... I gasp and moan as his pace quickens pushing in and put of me easily now as my body obeys his with a mind of its own as my hips are now matching his thrusts. We continue bucking against each other at a wild pace when I feel suddenly out of control and like an electric shock rips through my body leaving me panting and tingling as my inner folds contract around him tightly holding his cock deep as he floods my body with his cum. He collapses on top of me, we are both out of breath panting his arms warm around my sore exhausted body a mixture of our passions leaking from between my thighs a slippery warmth seeps from my no longer virgin flesh... He hugs me close to him as I drift off to sleep ... i have given my body to him and I am his... his... his until death do us part

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