tagErotic PoetryI am The One you kneel before...

I am The One you kneel before...


I am The One you kneel before, and plead with,
to be The One you beg from, and bleed with,
anxiety running through every nerve of your body,
as you think the thoughts so lecherous and bawdy...
in your mind.

The slight stumble in your actions I simply will not overlook,
but as I punish the naughtiness, it is passion that overtook,
and you will find the raw energy that is Me,
forever bonded into everything that can be...
in your mind.

The pleasures -- all sinfully, stick-sweet,
the bruises of the abuse of your meat,
the deep desire to burn like a candle's wax,
and the ever repetitive, incredible attacks,
each blow turning your mind aquiver and making you so wet,
as long as you can feel the shiver that you will get...
to be His.

The Sire rests quietly for a long moment,
His arms are strong, but you repent,
His eyes drill through you from where He lies,
Listening softly to heaving sighs.

What would they think of your welfare?
If they knew you were bound there,
breasts jutting forward and up, so rich,
hog-tied and obviously wet, His little bitch.
What would they say if they saw His uses,
the heaped praise, the benefits, the abuses?
They would simply never understand,
what it means to truly give yourself to your Man,
to bear the cross of innumerable sacrifices,
to pursue the most intimate of all vices,
the giving of yourself in all ways,
not rarely, but ultimately -- on all days.

The fear rises in your throat, something tangible,
The cravings that come with it, barely manageable,
The thoughts of Him pervade your every hour of every day,
The fantasies that can never be kept at bay.

In the darkness that is a lonely night,
you awake alone at home to single red light,
and you know that He might be watching you from afar,
watching you just as you are...
from an internet camera set up just for His purpose.

To never know if His Eyes are looking upon your small frame,
to know they have been and will be again,
to know that His amusements always taunt,
never knowing when to flaunt...
all that is you and is now His.

Oh, slave, My small litle-girl-wench-slut-bitch-cunt who had to be,
Cum, settle yourself into the strong Arms of your new Daddy,
And feel every stirring within His loins as He holds his slut,
held tight, you can feel yourself lifted from your rut.

Will you be a good little girl,
give Me all the pleasures of the world,
take My vengeance when you displease,
learn to taunt and tempt and tease...
and finally learn to please,
through your muttered pleas?

Don't be scared to be swept away,
I know that you long for the day,
you can finally meet that which is The Sire,
overwhelmed with dark desire.

The CyberPoet
Copyright, The CyberPoet(tm). All Rights Reserved under US and international law. No reprints or reuse, commercial or otherwise permitted without written permission of the copyright holder. Limited license is hereby granted to literotica.com to store and display this work.

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