tagErotic PoetryI am woman, hear me.

I am woman, hear me.


You know they say i'm a woman
I shouldn't want them to fuck my cunt
I should sit and cook while the man of the house
jerks off in the bathroom,
looking at his porno mags
but the little shocking thing here
is that I'm the one who has forever fucked myself with my own hands
playing with my shower head massager
being turned on by all that's taboo and then some
I stay quiet, so no one knows that I watch them
walking down the street- the men, the women, they're all the same
I want to rip their clothes off and make them feel
something they've never felt before
I want to tease them and then fuck their brains out
I want to tie them down, blindfold them
poor chocolate syrup on their stomachs
and lick it all off
I want to make the men cum deep inside my cunt
the women to scream as my tongue dives into their pussy
I want to make the world happy with my fingers
as my pussy pours velvet wine--
fuck the stereotype of a female
I want to fuck and be fucked-
it's all about knowing what feels good.

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