tagNon-Erotic PoetryI Bit My Tongue - 1

I Bit My Tongue - 1


the whole world trembled
with every breath you took,
as you moved to move away from me,
the fabric of my little world shook,
i could not look away
as the chaos came down like rain,
i wanted to scream out in agony,
to make this someone else's pain,
but i bit my tongue,
i said nothing,
i silenced as much as i could dare,
i could not cry out as i wanted to,
i dared not show i cared,
fairness was my every intention,
every sob that came but escaped,
i never meant to use my tears against you,
i never intended to wound or manipulate,
running away didn't work,
and throwing things at you wouldn't help,
i sat in my own puddling tears,
a whimpering she-wolf, no, but a whelp,
just a lost little puppy-girl,
no ferocity left in this heart,
listening as you moved away from me,
breaking my world and my heart,
i bit my tongue,
my soul bled from the effort
of saying nothing to save my self,
watching as you took my every joyful moment,
tucked it all away as memories,
on a shelf,
i just bit my tongue,
you moved and left just a shadow of your light,
every joy i knew becoming quickly so false and fake,
leaving me with new darkness, new torture, new blight,
at least you'd be happy as you left all that i am in your wake,
i bit my tongue,
i tried to speak and stuttered,
you have no idea what that means to a mouth like mine,
to want to convince you so eloquently
of why our love was fated, divine,
i bit my tongue,
your tears, your sadness, all of it truth,
at least to you, the one doing the leaving,
to me, it all was so precious, such joy,
sometimes it seems believing is deceiving,
i wanted to scream as well as kiss,
i wanted to say everything i could to make you stay,
but when i moved my lips, i lost my breath,
and i watched as you began to move away,
i bit my tongue,
till it was a stub in my mouth,
till the blood from my heart poured down my chin,
i stammered the word "hope" and begged for something,
anything to give me somewhere to begin,
i don't know if you heard my silent pleading,
i don't know if you saw how i was bleeding,
i only knew that you were leaving,
and suddenly i wasn't breathing,
i bit my tongue.

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