tagErotic PoetryI dreamed a dream

I dreamed a dream


I dreamed a dream

I had this dream that seemed so real
Yes, so real I thought I could feel
Your fingers in my honey pot
Pumping, and probing and hot

Fingers glistened with nectar so sweet
So delicious, you said you wanted to eat
You licked, and sucked and said it was good
My body responded like you knew I would

I came with an intensity that made me desire
To spread my spread my legs and lift them higher
I lose control and make a decision
To take this dick and lose my religion

Slowly I guided your love tool in my pot
You said, "damn baby, you're so soft and so hot"
We move in unison, bodies gyrating together
As the honey pot feels wetter, and hotter and deeper

You kiss and suck every inch of my breast
And I say "ooohhh baby - you're the best"
Your movements get rapid and hard and strong
And you tell me , "baby it won't be long"

Then you squeeze and tense and hold me so tight
And say "damn baby, I'm losing the fight"
Your explosion is intense, and deep and hot
I could feel it in my pot, on my legs, wow- it s allot

We embrace and hold each other so tight
And cuddle and spoon the rest of the night
The morning brought the sunlight, so warm so bright
I felt like a bird that was ready for flight

I reached over and silenced a very annoying tune
That echoed and filled the quiet room
I looked around and saw I was alone
And realize the tune came from my phone

I set my alarm to wake me at six
That's when I knew I had an imaginary fix
I thought to myself, "ssshhhiiittt...it was only a dream
Started my day with a loud, blood curdling scream.

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