tagNon-Erotic PoetryI Have Walked

I Have Walked


I have walked into the hallway of my soul
What I see there is beyond even my worst crimes
The bleakness has settled upon my heart
Blanketing all rays of hope from sight.

I have walked the thin line of betrayal
Striking the innocent with a careless twist of the knife
Pushing away the one who dared to care
Waging a desperate fight for survival.

I have walked deeper into a marsh of deceit
Thoughtless musings into a maniacal mind
Tangled thorns striking down any last chance
Fulfilling the legacies chosen by my past.

I have walked the walk of life, in all it’s twisted beauty
Playing the game to the bitter-sweet end
Torturous remembrance of what I lost taunting me
Falling short of the qualities needed to hold on.

I have walked out of the fantasy world of my mind
Seeing the torn edges of my character
Not knowing for the better or worse
But finally seeing a whole person emerge from the flames.

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