tagErotic PoetryI Love To Masturbate

I Love To Masturbate


Sometimes, when you've said it's okay
When I'm in bed alone during the day
My hand begins to pull at my breast
Flicking and rubbing hard at the nipple.

My mind is on you as I feel my juices flow
And as I spread my legs to touch myself
I wish you were there watching me play.

I find my clit and rub around as my fingers drown
In the river of my desire. Harder and harder
I play with myself. My fingers disappear inside.
Then out they come, all slick with lust.

My hips move up and down
I'm spread wide, I want your penis in me. But no.
Blood engorges my lips and clit, my pussy
Literally aches with want of you.

More frantic now, I buck and moan
Continuing to play with my tits, I imagine
Being forced by you, taken as you please. My
Orgasm leaves me breathless as I continue rubbing.

You've told me some women have multiples.
I'm too tired now to try. Maybe tonight when you get home
You can show me if it's true, if it's something I can achieve.
I love to masterbate.

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