I Reach


I reach out to touch your face,
But the image fades quickly
As I realize that you are far away
Yet not so far that I cannot feel you within me
Within my heart and my mind's eye.
Your essence is pure
Reassuring me that
That our love will endure.

Even though we are an ocean away
From each other,
I can clearly see your face.
Transcending all time and space.
When you cry, I will kiss your tear,
When you are happy, I will kiss your brow,
When you are in pain, I will heal you.
For all time, I will hold you
Giving you the love you were always denied
You don't need to close your eyes,
Reach inside,
And simply look into your mind's eye and you will see
Just how much you mean to me.
Never again, will you be cast aside
And treated as though you were a burden
Or unimportant.
For you are special and gifted.
Never again, will I allow you to walk with your head down,
For you will walk with your head held high.
So you may gaze into my dark, eyes
Shining with love and adoration for you
That will not be ignored.
Look at me, for you are adored.
Your body and mind are proud and strong,
But your spirit was broken, but no more.
God has given you an unbreakable spirit,
His voice has often whispered to you, so hear it!
You are well loved,
Simply look above.

I reach out to touch your soul
As I declare from my own spirit,
That I love you,
For you are my beloved.
I will watch over you as you slumber.
Making sure you are safe in your rest.
You are the sun outlining the sky,
As I stretch out my wings and fly.
You are the rain that freshens the earth's God-given treasures.
The extent of your worth, is without measure.
I am your lady
As you are my man,
Come to me and cherish me,
For I await you

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