tagErotic PoetryI Touch Myself

I Touch Myself


It has been a week since we last made love.
Even the phone sex last night just wasn't enough.
For I miss his sexy body, his smell and his touch.

I close my eyes and imagine my lover here with me.
My fingers take control of the zone he loves to tease.
I grab my rabbit vibrator and probe my wetness deep.
It pounds my pretty pinkness like his hard thick meat.

I want to cum again for once is not enough.
I’m horny as hell and began to tease my hotness more,
Slowly I slide my fingers deep inside my pearl.
I close my eyes and relax,
for I am almost there.

I feel my sticky juice ooze onto my finger tips,
As I rub my honey cum upon my pussy lips,
I imagine my lover tongue gently teasing my swollen clit.
MMmmmmmmm how I miss his big thick dick.

I feel my pussy throb as I tease my G-spot,
ooooooh it’s soooooooo sticky, wet and hot.
I love this intense pleasure, oh make my body shake,
I pant and moan, I writhe it feels so great.
This is one big O I can not fake.

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