tagErotic Poetryi want more

i want more


Every beat of my hart inspires me

I want more.......

 The intense feeling you can feel just through the use of words
 Make you wonder why we even bother touching,
yet I want more, more then is good for me
I hunger for the feel of you skin against mine
 To feel the warmth of your body warming my cold soul

  I desire to look in to your eyes as you call my name
 To fall in to the depths of your being as we cum together
I want to feel your kisses. Your touch, your breathe on my skin
To have your lips dragging on the delicate covering of my nipples
 As your teeth gently clamp down , marking my body

 I beg to take your cock deep inside my existence
 To feel it thrusting inch by inch with in me
 Slowly advancing forward before stopping to tease me
 Offering to dance with the devil himself
 if you would only take away the ache you started

 My body giving up the fight and allowing your penetration
 The hardness in contrast to the yelding softness of me.
The intense heat of your hips were they touch my thighs
The guttural moan coming from your throat,
Mixing with the gentle scream from me as your cock swells and fills

As you move the waves of pleasure over come me
 My body rocks and leave the surface of the world
Taking us along on a ride to end all rides
Shattering us into a million star shaped pieces
Sparkling in a trail that ends in a little death

 Catching our breath, ready for the next wave of pain, pleasure
Craving the eternal ride through space. As you move with in me
 Digging my nails in , marking you as mine
 Just as my body belongs to you
 A mutual disire for the journey of gratification....

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