tagErotic PoetryI watch for Him

I watch for Him


I watch for him

standing at the door of the familiar room

He arrives, I run to him, open the truck door, fly into his arms

I smell him, taking in his scent, breathing his essence

I giggle and squeal like a puppy, crawling over him before he even sets foot on the ground.

My arms encircle his neck pulling this man to me, I want to inhale him, never let him out of my arms.

He laughs, I bubble and writhe against him.

Has it been days, weeks, months? it always seems to be an eternity when they are apart

He kisses her softly and slaps her ass, that manly growl, making her go weak at the knees

They survey the room, make small talk, throw down the keys, close the door, pull the blinds, the tv goes on.

He turns to her and takes her into his arms. She falls into his strength, his lips find hers and the kiss takes them over.

Together they fall on the bed, he stretches out, his hands behind his head, asking questions, how was your drive? how is your day?

She can hardly think straight when he is near, she giggles and coos.She is crazed with lust already, he can do that to her , he does it without even knowing. She paws him and kisses his face and eyelids. Her hands running over his strong chest. He smiles, knowingly.

He reaches under her blouse undoing her bra, his fingers caressing her bare back. How can she resist, does he know what he does to her?

Oh yess, he does, and she moans and writhes against him.

He does comply, his fingers running over the garter, her bare thigh, her silky stockinged leg. He runs from ankle to knee, tickling her there. She is wanton and brazen and raises her skirt, begging for his touch. He teases, he pushes her back , raises her top and pulls at her hard nipples. She squeals and grinds against him

He takes them in his mouth, licking and sucking and finally biting down. She screams and pushes her breasts against his face. His strong arms hold her steady as he assaults her with his mouth, Oh godddd she wiggles against him wanting him so badly

He moves down and spreads her legs wide, He pushes the thin material of her thong to one side and moves his tongue to her shaven mound. She bucks hard against him, screaming his name.

He licks and sucks her nether lips and finally takes her hard throbbing clit into his mouth. He knows she can hardly stand it but also knows she wants more and more. He gives and gives.

She squeals and moans as he eats her pussy, bringing her to the edge and knowing when to let up. She is crazed and bucking like a wild cat, he bites her clit and sucks in, she explodes, her sweet juices flooding his mouth, he takes and drinks, she presses and cummms hard.

She feverishly pulls at his belt , wanting him, craving him. His hard swollen cock emerges into her hands. She smiles and coos, running her tongue along the length and taking the bulbous head into her hot mouth. He lies back as she sucks him and fondles his balls, running her nails over his ass. She grabs his thighs hard as she takes him deep into her throat.

He groans and feels himself tighten. She is merciless, she inhales his cock and makes sucking noises and totally enjoys herself. He watches her, her curls running down over her face, her red lips engulfing his manhood, her eyes look up to him, she bats her lashes as she devours him.

He moves her around so she can suck to her heart's delight as he presses her juicy hot cunt to his mouth. They take of each other, moaning, screaming, and writhing against each other, naked, sweating, wet. She flows over him, her orgasms one after the other, she pulls from him the precum, taking him into her mouth and her throat.

He moves her onto her knees at the edge of the bed. They are breathing hard, not speaking only moving with lust. He pulls her ass up high and impales her with his cock, deep into her cunt. She screams as he fucks her hard, he growls as her pussy clenches his rock hard penis, he pounds into her, she pushes back against him, her juices flowing down her legs around his balls.

They move in this dance of love, their voices rising and they explode together, his cock deep inside her, she falls to the bed, him on top of her, they are as one, joined together. She cries with passion. He rolls to one side and takes her in his strong arms. Her tears bathe his neck. He holds her tight, soothing her. She quivers with post orgasmic throbbing. They regain their breath, never letting go of each other.

They are together, they kiss softly, taking each other in. They breathe each other. they are one.

Softly they lie in each others arms, sleeping lightly, caressing with fingers. Her curls all over him. His legs encircle hers and they lie together, sated, happy, in love

this moment in time, these precious hours they spend.

a gift from god

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