tagNon-Erotic PoetryI Wish I Could Be There

I Wish I Could Be There


On this great occasion
When you two join as one,
I wish you all the love,
But I am far from done...

When you exchange your vows,
"I do"-s are in the air,
I wish with all my heart--
I wish I could be there;

Be there to hear music
That carries down the aisle,
The feeling of your love
That causes all to smile.

I wish I could be there
And see love in your eyes,
Looking at each other,
As your souls harmonize.

But I'm there in spirit,
And as you pledge your love,
God's sending His Blessing
From His home up above.

Through Him I hope you'll know
How much I really care;
Though my body isn't,
My loving thoughts are there!

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