tagNon-Erotic PoetryIdeologists And Fanatics!

Ideologists And Fanatics!

byUncle Pervey©

All the "Fanatics" have ONE THING in common,
That's their belief in "Predestination."
They deny and ignore God's gift of "Free Choice,"
And they ALL seem to have "CONSTIPATION!"

Like ALL religious "Fanatics" in the world,
The "Crazier" they are, the more "Nutty!"
ALL these IDIOTS claim that God's on THEIR side,
And ALL of them have BRAINS just like "PUTTY!"

Every one who has a TRUE relationship,
With God knows these "Pea-brains" are just plain NUTS!
In reality ALL these NUTS serve "Satan,"
And ALL these "ZEALOTS" are the "Devil's" SLUTS!

There's no "GOOD" God that wants innocent blood spilled,
Yet ALL the "Fanatics" take JOY in THIS.
Our world would be a BETTER place WITHOUT them,
They're ALL worth LESS than a "Bucket of PISS!"

Our WHOLE WORLD needs to UNITE against these NUTS,
Catch them ALL and put them in just ONE place.
On a small desert island in the ocean,
And send them ALL to HELL with NO "Disgrace!"

The ideologists we know are "Dummies,"
They ALL seem to live in a "World of DREAMS."
NONE of them EVEN CARE what "Fanatics" do,
And IGNORE the "Innocent's" SILENT screams!

In LOTS of ways they're WORSE than the "Fanatics,"
They back the way they think with CALM reason.
They're NEVER touched by PERSONAL tragedy,
They deserve a SPECIAL "Open Season!"

The ONLY way to DEAL with these "Fanatics,"
And ALL the ones who STAND UP for their "rights,"
Is to treat them ALL like the "Mad Dogs" they are,
And make ALL these NUTS disappear from SIGHT!

The "Anti-Death-ers" claim there's NO "Deterrant,"
In carrying out a sentence of death.
And they'll IGNORE the Innocent's LAST Breath!

They can't EVEN use God's Word for an excuse,
For ALL the "GOOD BOOKS" teach "Thou shalt NOT kill!"
ALL the GOOD BOOKS warn there'll be "Repercussions,"
And "Murderers" should have THEIR OWN blood SPILLED!

ALL these "Do-Gooders" should keep a "Fanatic,"
Living with them in their home as a guest.
And WHEN they come home to their LOVED ones SLAUGHTERED,
We'll SEE how their "Attitudes" PASS the TEST!!

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