tagNon-Erotic PoetryIf I were a poet

If I were a poet


If I were a poet
I’d pen something prolific
enough to stop this pathos
of life

it would be named as the newest testament
as a testimony to all I’ve known
I’m off and on
usually more off than on
and I have been singing this song for
too many years
too many sunrises
and sunsets
the pain is so familiar
I almost forget it exists
I am the piece in a jigsaw puzzle
that never fit
hate begets rage
and I’m in a rage
enraged with the
hand I’ve been dealt
I don’t remember joining the game

But I’m going to play as if my life depended on it
and I’m gonna spit
these rhymes until
these mother fuckers stop
coughing up bullshit
what can they know about
who I am and what I do

upon my arrival they called me a disciple
and I drank from king James cup
and spat verses from the bible
these marks on me are tribal
weaving the tapestry of my survival
and I may not be who I was

So no Langston I don’t shrivel like

a raisin in sun

and I may be broken but I’m still amazing

and I won’t be a caged bird

not anymore

I’m going to fly with these words

and before long I’m going to soar

I was drifting from the way
I got turned out that day
nothing more than a whore
but I’m so much more than that
and my grandmother used to say the same thing
but I spit a verse and she used words to sing

So I’ll rewrite and reverse and rewind
just to spill the words on this page one more time
for to long I wanted to hide
but I can’t abide the lie inside

and it hurts like hell
but I have to be who I am
and who I was meant to be
because this is my birthright
and I won’t be denied
so I must deride
and decide to write these rhymes
with a vengeance
and I’ve penchant
to purge the perpetrators
purposely perpetuating this propaganda

see the way I used alliteration?
maybe it’s because I’m clever
or maybe it’s just because I’m never
too afraid to bring it
I’m unstoppable now.

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