If You Said


If you said that the water is clear,
that I could see the bottom without fear,
I would look into it’s depths.

If you said that your heart is blue,
that the feelings there aren’t true,
I would walk away.

If you said that you yearn for more,
that all I have to do is open the door,
I would turn the handle.

If you said that you needed me,
that your need was as strong as roots of a tree,
I would run to you.

If you said that I had your heart luv,
that we could fly on the wings of a dove,
I would fly away.

If you said that you couldn’t do without,
That your soul wasn’t in doubt,
I would fill your soul lovingly.

If you said that passion fills you with desire,
You would torch the core of my fire,
And I would stoke those flames eternally.

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