tagErotic PoetryIke and Al-story poem

Ike and Al-story poem


Ike and Al-story poem

Ike and Al fell truly in love
As the moon shines up at the stars above
Al went by "Alberta the Dancing Queen"
Ike with a wispy mustache dressed in green
As quiet as an Indian on a bed of leaves
      would wander everywhere he pleased
Alberta loved to tend the home
Never the one whose heart would roam
A Tranny who dressed the part
Very girly, didn't burp or fart
Of course she kept her package hidden
Practiced make believe but wished it ridden
But meeting Mr. Snips takes some balls
Her's were the tiniest of all
Ike had the wish for one drink more
Or a toke of pot from the nickel store
Alberta's vice was disco dancing
At the Gay Parade, she was prancing
On a float with seven boys all fem
And she would shine above all of them
But whispers from the crew
Informed, several of them Ike knew
The gay world divides into bottom and top
And those who know don't know how to stop
Who please themselves with any cock
That nests inside while arms are locked
Ike was in the classic mode
Preferred muscle boys with hair of gold
Surfer dudes with bleached white hair
That he could visit in their lairs
Ike was very proficient at sucking
       cock, but didn't care for fucking
He could muster an erection to penetrate      
But the sensation wasn't really great
He adored a firm stiff dick
To fill his moist butt carefully licked
"Alberta" struggled to lance her mate's
butt, felt it did not emancipate
The age-old dilemma grew so great
Sweet Alberta refused to participate
She felt she was too fem to thrust
And knowing Ike was cheating must
Have pushed her past the dividing line
So came the day she did decline
Between the two they made a pact
To live and love for each in fact
To pass as man and wife in deed
But keep separate bedrooms for speed-
-dy sexual relations that they found
provided sensations when you lie face down
While wearing sexy evening gowns
As was the case of Alberta while Ike
Could invite his boys over to strike
His rectum like a tambourine
With the biggest cocks you'd ever seen
For every puzzle there is a solution
As for those who seek absolution
If a rubber dick or dildoe won't do
You have to find a man to screw
When you hear the bed is a' thumping
You know your mate's getting a humping
You try to time so the guests don't link
Washing their cocks in the bathroom sink
For intercourse is a private thing
You don't want to unmask your fling
These guys who fuck you, should not be seen
So that's how Al and Ike schemed
To live their life as they were reamed
Sometimes love can survive
and find a way to compromise
Nations of the world take example
Work out you differences and sample
ways to greet peace and avoid war
and still get fucked and still score
It's not so hard for our two friends
Who love to find a cock in the end
Thus offering a well lubed berth
To illustrate real Piece on Earth

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