tagNon-Erotic PoetryI'll Always Have Me

I'll Always Have Me


The road to success can be lonely,
The path to inner healing is solitary.
In the end, many will desert and forget you.
As I stand and look around, all I have is me.

I enter a contest to test my skills of writing,
Wanting to expand my abilities and knowledge,
I get the phone call that says I made the finals,
Here is where my road will lead me.

As I stand upon the stage,
Sharing with many, my thoughts and dreams,
My lips speak but my eyes seek,
My family, my friends, or anyone close to me.

My heart aches a moment, but I stand tall.
As my eyes fall upon other contestant's families surrounding them,
I remain alone, but not yet shaken.
I may have no one, but my faith in myself remains unbroken.

As the names are read out for the awards,
I hear my name being spoken loudly, for 1rst place.
I walk slowly upon the stage, I breathe out..1..2...3...
Through the dark days, I have to remember, In the end I'll always have me.

*This may be a bit funny to some, but I felt every one of these words at the moment.

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