tagErotic PoetryIn all his petrified glory...

In all his petrified glory...


What is the exact thought that crosses his mind when I slide his rock hard cock between my perfect cock sucking lips?

I don't think I'll ever know,
I don't think he even knows.

All that matters is that I know when it feels exceptionally good for him,
I don't get a grown,
or any words for that matter,
at least none that I can make out as even being related to the English language.

All of this happens,
or rather,
doesn't happen,
and I know that he is loving my mouth...
more than I think is possible.

He is so hard that I think his skin is going to break apart with lust-
he only stiffens,
his entire body is just like this petrified piece that I hold in my mouth.

It is in this moment that he feels...
Who knows what he feels,
But I feel as if he would expire right there if I stopped this assault,
this attack of growing suction of my hoover mouth,
this beating that his cock is taking from my tongue,
my tonsils,
my esophogus.

I take the lead,
As if I ever lost it,
And twist my hands up and down his shaft,
and find my head turning the opposite direction-
thrusting on him,
forcing myself onto his throbbing,
pulsating member.

Toes curled,
legs slightly lifted,
I am rewarded with a mouth full of jism.

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