tagErotic PoetryIn Anticipation of a Fantasy Realiz

In Anticipation of a Fantasy Realiz

byPeter Duncan©

In Anticipation of a Fantasy Realized
By Peter Duncan

I sit and marvel and masturbate
And wonder why that you
Will take such time to talk with me
This sly and aging fool

Who regularly thinks of you
In base and lustful ways
Of your soft and feminine body parts
With which I’d love to play

Some would say in judging ways
That I’m a perveted fool
They may be right, as I talk with you,
‘Cause I always stroke my tool

I think of you and your womanhood
All spread in naked wonder
And of how your body would feel to me
If your treasures I could plunder

You are married, so am I
Is it not somewhat out of place
To think of another man's woman
With her pussy on my face?

My tongue-tip working wildly
Upon your swollen clit
While you writhe and buck excitedly
As if in a spastic fit?

And then to change the scene around
And offer my hardened member
While you suck and I lap so hungrily
Doing that sixty-nine number

Oh what a joy it would be to discover
Your multi orgasmic pleasures
To find each source of your sensual thrills
And reward you with erotic treasures

Once, twice, cum three times please
Before I go any further
Then open your legs with its love drenched sponge
And allow me to probe and enter and plunge

Your pussy, such heaven to be inside
Is something I’d never forget
The clutching warmth of your aqueous spot
Embracing, massaging and kneading my cock

I’d grunt like a pig, but porcine I’m not
It’s just that I’d show my excitement
And hope it’s what you’d like to hear
When you'd offer your pleasured indictment

And if I would hear in your gasping voice
The excitement that you might proffer
Like, “fuck me now, you wonderful man”
I’d ride you like Seabiscuit’s jockey.

I promise you this without a thought
As your toes are stabbing on high
That I wouldn’t cum in your wonderful nest
Until you'd errupted in cries

And when we had both exhausted our wells
We would swoon in a satisfied muddle
And I would take you in my masculine arms
And kiss and caress and cuddle.

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