tagErotic PoetryIn Regret of Mae's Departure

In Regret of Mae's Departure



I barely knew your beauties
Your artistry a wonder to behold
Now a burden to bear

Stripped not of clothes, but of common decency
For which all here sing a dirge
In no uncertain terms we hail you, delicatrix
but as you mask your form, we cannot mask our desire

We watch from afar, indeed from all over
Brought close to us in our living rooms, and dens and boudoirs
And yet we can feel your satiny hair
Your tender skin
And smile at your reaction
In the tiniest tug upon your accoutrements

Your words still thrive,
In black and white
Yet we ache in dolor
To witness your rampant color

Oh, words fly from my fingers but fall to nothing
As deaf ears ignore the travesty before us

Of impish smiles
Of exquisite form
Of tempting host
Set in brilliant display so that the

gods themselves should weep in joy and frustration

All Lost

Perished in the space of a moment’s indiscretion

Forced modesty wins out, as a careless world churns on
Be damned, Convention
And bring us back our ousted beauty!

Alas, it cannot be
The world is not so simple
And the simple pleasures are often lost in the wheels of the

iron bureaucracy

Let it be known that brief lights, now dimmed, still shine
Spirit and vision of spirit are not to be confused

And somewhere
If only herself
Enjoys her indomitable talent

We thank you, Veiled One
And wish you well in your life
Success will no doubt be met with further success


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