tagErotic PoetryIn The Alley

In The Alley


He stops me in the middle of the street.
He brings me to a cold, dark alley and
strips me down to the socks on my feet.
He places his lips on mine and gives me
a kiss so warm and so sweet.
Never before has anybody made
me feel such heat.
Do not let the passion dwindle,
increase it.
Do not let the desire diminish,
multiply it.
Only you and you alone can move me,
your fingertips caressing the side of my
Your tongue stroking me in just the right
Sweetheart, don't stop there,
darling no, no, no, don't you
You know just what to do,
our bodies stuck together
as if by glue.
Stay inside,
the motion between us feels
so divine.
Baby don't worry about the
just enjoy this sensual ride.

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