tagErotic PoetryIn the End

In the End


"What the fuck did you say?"
He yells in my ear
"You're so fucking pathetic"
"Now dry that damn tear"

I close my eyes
I'm in another place
I won't live this nightmare
Or look at his face

He backs me into a wall
His breath burns my skin
"Oh yes, Sadie, cry!!! FUCKING CRY FOR ME AGAIN"

Please don't hurt me
I manage to say
Then the sting of his slap
Puts me away

He grabs my shirt
He tosses it to the floor
He slaps me again
Then locks the bedroom door

"I'll make you pay"
He hisses to me
As he rips off his tank top
And unzips his jeans

"Get on the bed"
"Or I might fuck you on the floor"
"What the fuck difference does it make?"
"You're nothing but a whore"

I glare at him
My eyes red as fire
There's only hatred now
Where there once was desire

I walk to the bed
Laying down carefully
He grins and he snickers
Knowing he has control of me

He slaps me again
And crawls on top
I wanna say NO!!
I wanna yell STOP!!

But my words aren't here
Only numbness and tears
He starts fucking me now
And my mind disappears

Soon he is done
He's finished for now
I wanna run away
But when, but how?

He laughs as he moves
Getting up from the bed
"Rest up my whore"
"Next time you'll give me head"

I watch him leave
I pull the blankets up high
Burying my head
I can't let him hear me cry

I'm ready for him
When he returns
There's a gun in my hand
My glare that burns

I point it at him
This shit is ending
How do you feel now?
Receiving the message I'm sending?

"You won't shoot me"
He says with a grin
"You're no damn good"
"It's time to fuck again"

As he approaches
My finger's on the trigger
His shadow covers me
My courage is getting bigger

I aim the gun
I'll do it, I swear
I'll kill him dead
And won't even care

He's on the bed
He's close to me
I close my eyes
I cannot see

I squeeze the trigger
The gun ignites
He's dead on the bed
No more tears, no more fights

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