tagNon-Erotic PoetryInnocence of Virginity

Innocence of Virginity


Gentle touch, deperate whisper
drawn so close and yet cant kiss her
breathing heavy, heart is quaking
doubts and fears are overtaking
then her lips are touched to mine
this moment here is stopped in time
her soft eyes cry of desire
inside me erupts a fire
mind in chaos, body lusting
draw her close, her gaze is trusting
hands sweep gently o'er her sides
all the while lost in her eyes
she cries at my sweet caress
as I lay her down to rest
gentle smiles, unspoken vows
desperate needs only touch allows
Gaze down at her, heart is fearing
she rolls over, now Im hearing
playful giggles, I watch her undress
fumbling, I make quite a mess,
Now both bare, my mind is vexed
Her warmth draws closer... what is next...

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