tagErotic Poetryinnocent until proven sexy

innocent until proven sexy


i was wearing bobbi socks
with a short catholic girl skirt
i love to dress skimpy
and i also love to flirt
my hair was in pigtails
i was wearing little bows
and i wasn't wearing anything
underneath my clothes
when i dress this way
i know it turns you on
when you're screwing me
there's no need for porn
my shirt is very tight
and i'm wearing high heels
you can hardly stand the wait
to see how good my pussy feels
you're sitting on the couch
and i stand in front of you
i give you a lap dance
and do a strip tease too
i'm sitting on your dick
with my back facing you
this is the first of many positions
in which we are gonna screw
you've got your hands around my waist
and i'm really ridin' your dick
when ever we fuck in this position
you always cum quick
my pigtails are bouncing
and so are my breasts
you've had other pussy
but mine is the best
we fuck face to face
then we do a sixty-nine
my cunt juice tastes better
than a thousand dollar bottle of wine
i might look sweet
but i fuck like a whore
after we recuperate
we screw some more

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