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my pussy gets as wet
as the atlantic or pacific ocean
you love the way i move
with my slow exotic motion
i crave sex all the time
and you try to satisfy
i fuck more often
than the average guy
when it comes to fucking
i definitely have a fixation
i love the way sex feels
it's a totally awesome sensation
i crave sex all the time
and you always bring the heat
consider yourself lucky
if me you get to meet
i'm a sexy sista
with vivid imagination
and all that i'm concerned with
is my sexual gratification
i crave sex all the time
and can make my partner blush
i take my sweet time fucking
i don't like to rush
fucking is the thing
that i'm best at doing
that's why men and women
me they are pursuing
i crave sex all the time
i just can't get enough
and i'm on the kinky side
i'm into all sorts of stuff
me and fucking go together
like a pen goes with ink
i'm hot between the legs
and even better than you think

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