tagNon-Erotic Poetryit wont be me!!

it wont be me!!


every beat of my hart inspires me

It wont be me there,with you when you go to sleep to night

It wont be me there in your arms, to hold close n' tight

It wont be me to steal your warmth, in the chill of the new day

It wont be me there to hear the whispered words of love you'd say

It wont be my hand your holding as you walk along the street

It wont be my head laying on your chest, to hear your heart beat

But there is one thing my love that only I can promise you

That's I will love you , longer then she will ever do

I offer you my heart and my soul , love, and for what its worth,

There yours untill the stars, leave the heavens and walk on this earth

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