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Sensual Love.

That is what flows through my veins. What runs through my mind. Total ecstasy of the life I live. Living my life as I live. Too much. Giving in kindness and heart and healing with a kind word or touch.

Jacqueline they call me.

Impish with bit of style. Wicked with a sense of character, I smile a great smile and love the world I am apart of.

Am I innocent? Am I devilish? No one is to know. Am I kind? Am I loving? Always to be known.

My heart encompasses more of my life than many can’t understand. I feel with a heart as great as the ocean, passionate, powerful. I touch and hold on to precious things as a mother protects her cubs. Loyally, unwavering.

Am I the one that’s dancing on top of tables and acting wild and crazy? Am I the one taking the spot light away for my own good? No. No that’s not me at all.

I’m the one that takes a smile and stretches it into many desirous dreams. I’m the one that arouses without one knowing. Taking a smile into a laugh, and pulling out a groan when least expected.

In privacy, there are no limits, no boundaries. The mind is a beautiful thing to explore and the body the canvas in which to investigate such things. I feel wanton, lascivious, as I run my hands through my hair and stare down at my lover. My hips tease and taunt, sending message of pleasure to him, yet my eyes hold something else. A tenderness that is just below the surface to everything I do to him, he does to me.

My heart beats its magical cadence in tune with those close to my soul. Sensitivity, empathy, and overpowering love reaches those I let in. A soft blanket of concern, nurturing and warmth settles in my heart and over those in my life.

Dancing lightly over the points of my life, I share the happiness within my soul. Jacqueline Marie is who I am. An every present secret not only to myself but to those around me. A mystery that is so simple to solve, yet not as easily accomplished as one wished.

Dancer. Singer. Vixen. Angel. Innocent. Mischievous. Sensual. Sexy. Enigma.

But purely myself.

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