tagErotic PoetryJade Was My Burmesian Beauty!

Jade Was My Burmesian Beauty!

byUncle Pervey©

There's more beautiful girls found in Burma,
Than any other country on this Earth.
There oriental beauty is Divine,
And there's nothing to compare with their worth!

Jade was the first Burmesian girl I met,
And her beauty almost stopped my heart dead.
I got an instant desire of real lust,
And promised myself I'd get her in bed!

I wined and dined my oriental Jade,
And promised to love her with all my heart.
If she'd give herself to me forever,
I'd love her and we'd never be apart!

The first time Jade let me see her naked,
Her beauty paralyzed me with desire.
Her small breasts had nipples like wild cherries,
And her shiney curly mound lit my fire!

Jade stood still and let me touch her body,
And I caressed her body all over.
I cupped and squeezed her breasts and her ass cheeks,
And found her pussy smelled like sweet clover!

I knelt there and caressed her long smooth legs,
And marveled at the texture of their skin.
My hands slid up and fondled her glory,
And my lust felt a yearning to begin!

I wanted to taste all of Jade's body,
And needed to taste her both front and back.
I'd taste all I could reach with her standing,
But waste to taste her crotch and in her crack!

I started at her knees and moved on up,
And kept switching back and forth with each lick.
I stopped licking when I reached her stomach,
And turned her around to taste her back quick!

I'd promised myself I'd taste her crack last,
But I licked both her cheeks and sucked on them!
I licked up from her waist to her shoulders,
And licked and sucked on both of Jade's sweet Gems!

Jade's breath was coming fast and in short gasps,
And I got her to sit down on the bed.
I pushed Jade back and spread her legs apart,
And I knelt there between them while I fed!

My mouth found its way to Jade's sweet pussy,
And my tongue slid inside to taste her joy.
Her sweet wetness tasted just like sugar,
And I made her succulent clit my toy!

I sucked Jade's clit inside my mouth and licked,
And sucked and licked until it looked inflamed.
Its flavor to me was like wild honey,
"Oh yes suck me harder!" Jade exclaimed!

She gasped "Your tongue is making me crazy,
And my poor pussy feels like it's on fire!
Aiee oo aiee!" Jade cried "I'm cumming!
Oo Darling man you fill me with desire!"

Jade kept filling my mouth with her Nectar,
And I kept swallowing all that she gave.
Her pussy's juice was so Heavenly sweet,
Her love juice captured and made me its slave!

Jade's pussy was the best I've ever ate,
But then sweet Jade did a curious thing.
She cooled my lust down with a toot and smiled,
"You make front hole so happy back one sing!"

Jade may have thought she'd shut my damper down,
But before she knew what I was doing.
I'd shoved my spit slick cock inside her ass,
And as she jerked I gave it a screwing!

My plunging cock felt like it was in fire,
And every time her anus squeezed it jumped.
I started fucking her asshole faster,
And my cock felt like it was being pumped!

Jade squealed when she felt my hot cum spurting,
"Oo Johnny your hot cum is burning me!"
I kept it pressed inside and let it drain,
Then Jade's spincter relaxed and set me free!

Jade's pussy was the best I've ever ate,
But her tight asshole was a Treasure too!
I ate her, and fucked her asshole all night,
And never did grow tired the whole night through!!

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