byLord DragonsWing©


Is he fine? Is he what you want?
Does he talk the way I do?
Are you sure to give it up for one you lied to?

You said he was just a fling,
Yet it’s strange how his name is added to your ring.

Is he a perfect guy? Is he the sort that makes you cringe the way I did?
Is he right? Or is he as desperate as your love?

Does he talk the way I do? Does his voice remind you?
Do you ever think of me? Or was it all a game?

Do you care? Or does it matter?
Is he the sort you always said had no morals and could make you happy?

My jealousy cost us our end.
And my pride gives me tomorrow.

Accidentally, do you say my name?
Or do you yell anothers now as you have in the past?

I’ll never talk the way he does.
And while he touches you, you will say my name.

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