Why not come round to my place quite soon?
I'm home each day in the afternoon
We can watch some DVDs, drink some wine
It's bound to lead to a rip-roaring time
I've got some copies of "Bareback Twinks"
they'll be nice to watch while we have some drinks
it'll quicken our pulses and raise the heat
you'll feel the tingling in your seat
and when our dicks are really hard
we can move a little closer and drop our guard
and hungrily we shall start to play
we'll remove all our clothes – what do you say?
Or I'll unbutton your boiler suit
thinking about the delicious fruit
that lies just south of your rock hard belly
(I hope that we still have some KY Jelly)
I'll see the drop of precum on your dick
I'll spread it with my tongue to make your head slick
I'll play with the tip and squeeze it a little
Then from my mouth I'll add some spittle
You'll feel mine and swirl it in your fingers
Gently and lightly so the feeling lingers
We'll kiss, our tongues delighting in each other,
Our dicks will be grinding against one another
I'll suck and bite your gorgeous nipple
Then I'll come up for air and have another tipple
While I refill your glass with some chilling wine
You'll start sucking and biting and thrilling mine
Moving to your balls, I lick them and nibble
On to my cheek your precum will dribble
You love to have me licking your balls
For you this is something that never palls
I lightly grip your left between my lips
I'm caressing your dick with my fingertips
I suck it right in, roll it over my tongue
You convulse as though you've just been stung
I change to your right nut repeating the act
You moan, you're in another world in fact
Then into my mouth I pull both of your balls
I love to see how this enthrals
I let them out and nibble your sack
I feel your hands clasp me on my back
You feel my hot breath on the tip of your cock
You brace yourself now for what's in stock
I swirl my tongue round the head of your dick
The precum makes it feel very slick
I suck your dick right into my mouth
In the meantime my hand is moving south
to that magical spot between your balls and your ass
My touch there sends a shudder through your mass
In my mouth your cock slides back and forth
My tongue swirls around it south and north
with real slow movements driving you crazy
nor are my fingers on that other spot lazy.
You are now getting closer and closer to the edge
I must be careful to keep you this side of the ledge
My lips go all the way right down to the base
I am wishing now that I could see your face
You're groaning and moaning and saying "Don't stop"
You're running your fingers through my curly mop.
I stop the sucking, and kiss your chest
I'm moving to the stage that's really the best
I grab your ass, and turn you around
I kneel on the couch, put one foot on the ground
I rub my dickhead up and down your crack
My free hand roves your shoulders and back,
goes between your legs and rubs your belly
I squeeze out a little of the KY jelly
and apply the wondrous lubrication
to me and to that delicate centre of sensation
between your ass cheeks, my finger probes
I bend forward and bite your juicy earlobes
you squirm and moan with such delight
I adjust my position to just the right height
then it slips in slowly, the whole of its length
I slap your ass cheeks, you feel my strength
I'm so light and easy inside of you
and you're so warm, and tight, but slippery too
My cock pulls out of you and glides back in
I look in the mirror, see your happy grin
as you feel the warmth going deeper and deeper,
The mercury's rising steeper and steeper
You look back into my delighted eyes
I can feel it coming, beginning to rise
and you gasp and tell me "please don't stop"
I can't hold out much longer I'm going to pop
My balls come up and my sack gets tighter
My head is feeling lighter and lighter
I pick up my pace and make my thrusts more forceful
This is the point where you get resourceful
my cock slips out and you turn on your back
Your legs wrap round my neck, then we're back on track
It goes in from the front now and I'm kneeling over you
I'm fucking you again, and your cock's throbbing too
I pull out, my cum shoots all over your chest
"Oh fuck" I cry out, "that was the very very best"
I shoot two good loads on your chest and your neck
some three more spurts get spread upon the deck.
And you climax also, your cum adds to the pool
Oh, fuck, that was really and truly cool.
I cup my hand under your beautiful sack
I lick off drops of cum while you lie back.
Was that just great or was that tremendous?
Your slackening dick still looks stupendous.
We lie back, enjoying the afterglow
for a little while before you get dressed and go.
We must do this again just as soon as we can.
Fuck, that was the greatest action ever, my man!

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