tagErotic PoetryJust To Know You're Alive

Just To Know You're Alive


I stand behind you
Watching as your fingers fly over the keyboard
My hands rest on your shoulders
Slowly, ever so slowly
I begin to massage away the day's tension
Your fingers slow, a moan deep in your throat

My thumbs work into your shoulders
Melting away the stress
Strong fingers work your neck
You reach behind you finding my thighs
Silky, stocking clad thighs
Soft as a whisper
The hem of my skirt rests upon your wrists
Slowly your strong yet gentle hands roam
Up and down, up and down
You can feel the heat of my sex
But you can't quite reach me

Your fingers dig into my soft flesh
Manipulating the muscles through
The silky nylon, so soft, so erotic
I lean forward, my breasts resting on your back
You can feel my hot breath on your neck
My voice like a sigh in your ear
"Do you want me?"
My tongue gently licks your earlobe
My cheek nuzzles your neck
My hands move 'round your shoulders
Down your biceps and back up
Across your chest, nails gently raking
You through your shirt
You grab my hands pulling them off you
Lacing fingers together, you stand
The chair between us

My arms encircle your waist
A foot kicks the chair aside
I crush myself against your strong back
Molding myself to you
My breasts pressing into you
Can feel my taut nipples digging into you?
Loosening my grip, you turn to face me
Your hands caress my face, tease my earlobes
You stare into my eyes and see naked passion
You've never seen before
You want to kiss me but hesitate

Huge hands begin roaming my body
You can feel my lingerie under the silk blouse
Gently buttons come undone, a finger traces
The valley between my breasts and back
Traces the contours of my face
Brushes aside wisps of dark hair that
Have escaped from their bindings
Thumbs rub flushed cheekbones
Then across my ruby lips
The soft flesh parts as your finger
Invades my hot mouth
Wantonly I begin sucking the intruder
My eyes never leave yours
I work my mouth up and down your finger
As I pull you closer to me
I want to feel you, feel your erection
Crying for release from its fabric prison

You perch me on the edge of the desk
Untuck my blouse from my skirt
You want to kiss me but hesitate again
Instead your lips find my neck, my ears
The hollow of my throat
Your hot tongue sears my flesh
My fingers weave themselves through
Your hair pulling your mouth closer
To my sensitive flesh
Fingertips trace the edge of the silky bra
Holding my heavy breasts hostage

Your lips follow the same trail
Butterfly kisses tease
Your palms brush against my nipples
Your mouth nips, sucks, teases through the material
You expertly extract first one then the other
Breast from its bondage
Strong hands encircle the fleshy orbs
Squeezing them together
Your silky tongue dances between the twins
Flicking, biting, suckling
Fingers of excitement and desire shoot
Through me to the very core of my being
A hungry sigh escapes my lips
A stocking clad leg surrounds your waist
Pulling you closer

Your thumb and forefinger tweak my nipple
As your blistering tongue licks my stomach
Hands meander down my sides
Across my hips, down my thighs
First outside, then inside
On their return, your fingers catch the hem
Of my skirt, slowly pushing the material
To my waist as I lift my ass off the desk
Again your hands leave a blistering trail
Down my thighs, spreading them as you go

I throw my head back in ecstasy
As your warm lips kiss the tender flesh
Of the inside of my thighs
Closer and closer you move to my center
Leaning back on one hand
My other hand brings your mouth nearer
My legs spread wider as your tongue
Plays with my nether lips through filmy panties
Putting my hands on your shoulders
I lift myself up as you pull the panties off

A hand gently on my chest pushes me flat
Hooking my knees over your shoulders
Hands rub my thighs as your mouth
Begins searching and exploring anew
Petals of flesh open to your erotic touch
I can only quiver with excitement and desire
Release is some distant goal I hold off
Your wet tongue teases my swollen clit
Before it returns to engulf my lips
Sucking, pulling, pulling, sucking
Deep inside me I can feel the tip of your tongue
Tracing the contours of me
Memorizing the landscape of my womanhood

My heart races, my breath catches in my throat
I can feel your fingers lazily seeking
To know every part of me
Again your eager tongue finds my aching button
Teeth gently hold it prisoner
As a single digit slides effortlessly into me
Painstakingly slow, you move in and out
In and out, in and out
Before adding another
Rhythmically your tongue plays upon me
In time with the exquisite finger fucking
My juices copiously flow
Unexpectedly a thumb assaults my tender ass
Before entering, filling me

Heels dig into your spine
As this oral assault brings me to the edge
You can feel my orgasm building
Look deep into my eyes
Impaled on your fingers I bring my mouth
To yours
Hurriedly our tongues dance
As though we can melt into each other
Taking your hand
I suck my juices from your fingers
As I lean on you to stand

My nimble fingers unbutton your shirt
Blood red nails again rake your chest
Ruby lips kiss away the blossoming welts
My nimble fingers find your belt
Slacks puddle around your ankles
Kneeling before you
I look into your beautiful eyes
With utter and complete adoration

Deftly you pull the clip from my hair
With a whoosh the dark cloud
Cascades down my back
Fingers intertwine with the silky strands
Hands wander down the flatness of your belly
Playfully tugging the downy fur
Ruby lips again kiss away the pain
Before traveling down your thighs
Teeth gently nip as hands caress
My tongue flicks out to catch the
Single pearly drop of fluid precariously
Perched on the end of your cock

A shower of torturous kisses assault
Your engorged shaft
The fire of each kiss soothed by
Gentle lapping from my tongue
Your scent is intoxicating
My dainty hands caress
Your swollen balls
Weighing them
Lightly constricting them
As my pert little tongue
Floats over the eerily familiar
Terrain of your manhood

Without warning
I envelop you in the warmth
Of my mouth
Not moving
Not teasing
Just holding you captive
You throw your head back
Fighting the urge to plunge forward

Little by little my mouth begins
To move upon you of its own accord
As my hands squeeze and release
Squeeze and release your balls
Down fast
Pull back slowly
Again and again
Until the cadence makes you
Grow harder and harder

Each downward thrust
Is deeper and deeper than the last
Your hips push harder and harder
Not even my hands on your belly
Can quell the urge to bury yourself
Deep within my mouth

Catching my head in a viselike grip
You begin to fuck my mouth
With long powerful strokes
My teeth graze your shaft with each
Blow adding subtle agony to the ecstasy
For an eternity my mouth and tongue
Torture you as you mercilessly
Fuck me with wild abandon

As you strive to plant yourself deep within me
My hand snakes between my legs
Urgently I finger myself
Vacillating between my clit and pussy
My fingers fly
Colors begin to explode behind my eyes
But this is not how either of us want it

Withdrawing from my aching mouth
You once again balance me on the edge of the desk
With one fell swoop you enter me
My stocking clad legs lock at the ankles
Pulling you deeper inside me
My arms lock around your neck
Our lips lock in a fevered kiss
Tongues dueling for more
You feast on my neck
My ears
My throat
Coming to rest on my throbbing nipples
Hungrily your sharp teeth bite and tease
As you pummel me
Nailing me to the slick surface of the desk

Simultaneously our heads fall back
Guttural noises of obsession radiate about us
As you empty yourself into me
Covered in a passion induced film of sweat
You collapse onto me
I can feel your heart pound through
Your chest as you can feel mine
We are alive again after laying
Dormant for far too long.

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